Nikky Woodson, Executive Director

Nicole “Nikky” Woodson was elected as the Executive Director for ACTS of Love on August 1, 2022. When she was elected on to serve as the nonprofit’s Executive Director /CEO she brought more than just her work experience to the role.

Nikky herself has faced many of the same challenges as the young women she serves. She became pregnant in high school and felt the fear and shame associated with becoming a teenage mother. Making it through the difficult time and coming out on top, she now wants to show young girls around the nation that they can do the same.

She commits much of her personal and professional life to the development of leadership and social impact as an advocate for today’s youth around the nation. Her first act of love is to implement programs structured within social-emotional learning, and advancing teen mothers through life-skill programs that involve resume writing, interview poise, child rearing best practices and much more. She looks forward to the positive impressions she’ll have as the Executive Director at Acts of Love.

As a multifaceted woman of integrity, her talents are nothing short of eye-catching appeal invoked with passion and charisma. Although raised with a fractured upbringing, Nicole is the epitome of overcoming the odds as a Certified Christian Professional Life-Coach and Certified Professional Christian Counselor striving to empower, uplift and encourage women from all walks of life. Within the wheelhouse of her facets, she is also co-pastor of a local church with her husband Brandon Woodson -Senior Pastor of Turning Point Embassy.

Karla Diaz, Director of Early Childhood Education

Meet Karla Diaz. A life adorned with cherished moments and enduring love, Karla is a mother of three remarkable adults, having celebrated a 28-year marriage. Hailing from the captivating island of Puerto Rico, her spirit radiates with the warmth of her homeland.

Embarking on a two-decade journey in Early Childhood Education, Karla’s path started as a teacher, evolving into her role as a school director. The flame of her educational passion continues to blaze, as she has joyfully established multiple schools, nurturing learning and growth. Guiding others on their educational quests brings her profound fulfillment. Holding the prestigious National Director’s Credential from NECPPA, she exemplifies unwavering commitment to excellence. Simultaneously, she embraces her own educational odyssey, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Purdue University to delve into the complexities of the human mind.

Beyond work, Karla’s heart resonates with the companionship of her rescue furry friends. Each soul she’s welcomed into her home enriches her life with unwavering loyalty and unconditional love. Alongside her husband, she savors culinary adventures and supports animal shelters, deepening her connection with these beautiful creatures.

Stepping into the role of Director for this esteemed organization, Karla brings not only expertise but also a profound love for children, dedicated to their growth. This shared journey holds the promise of nurturing young minds and shaping a radiant future.